•      –   Yoga and guidance can now be accessed amongst home’s luxuries.
  •      –   As a space for pause and sanctuary, we provide an experience that honours traditional yogic practices while contrasting a fast-paced outside world. Inviting self-exploration of body, mind and spirit through intentional movement and mindfulness, we guide yoga alongside a curated and resonant ‘Hum’ - a frequency of our own design to deeply soothe and enhance concentration.


  •      –   Our classes are not based on any one yoga style but reflect authentically the inspirations and backgrounds of our teachers. All offerings will include the fundamental principles of breath- pranayama, movement- asana and awareness- meditation. We are mindful of both embracing and being respectful of a diverse community in all of our offerings. We encourage an unhurried experience and the opportunity for meaningful connections.



  •      –   Our Mellow Hum is a low energy offering intended for relaxation, restoration or stretching. Deep opening and gentle movement is what can be expected from this class. Postures are typically seated or lying down. Yin style classes can mean postures are held for 3-5 minutes at a time. These slow paced classes allow space for cultivating awareness. Mellow Hum is ideal for students requiring a calming and restorative environment; or for students new to the yoga experience.
  •      –   No prior yoga experience required


  •      –   Our Unified Hum class includes moderate paced flows to entry-level strength content. These classes typically offer more modifications and detailed instructions on fundamental postures. Students can expect to feel comfortably challenged. We welcome beginners to more seasoned practitioners who prefer a steady paced and fluid practice.
  •      –  Some prior experience encouraged.


  •      –   Our Dynamic Hum class includes flow and strength content designed to challenge your current limitations physically and mentally. These classes tend to focus on building into more challenging asanas and ‘peak’ poses. You will build strength and body awareness by exploring more complex transitions, moving faster with the breath; and being introduced to inversions and arm balances. These classes are catered to intermediate-experienced practitioners and are intended for high energy and high sweat results.
  •      –   Prior experience required.


  •      –   Our Foundation Hum classes are designed for beginners to start their journey or for any student who wants to review the foundations of their practice. Classes will focus on guiding you through key asana (postures), alignment, yogic philosophy and pranayama (breath techniques). These classes are paced with the needs of entry- level students in mind. You can expect breakdowns of postures and explanations to accompany movement. Ideal for students with limitations requiring a slower and more gentle practice.
  •      –   No prior yoga experience required.


Unique to our online community, we offer a diverse and specialised curation of practices that both strengthen and release depending on your needs. Exclusive to our on demand platform, we offer classes that vary in length and theme to meet the requirements of the contemporary student.


  •      –   A specialised and shorter practice that dives deeper into the various elements of yoga and yoga philosophy. Digestible and focused, these classes deepen our understanding of the practice and its influence on our lives.


  •      –   A homage to self clarity and stillness, our Meditation Hum offers guided mindfulness that restores even the busiest minds. True to our ethos each class will incorporate one meditation or mindfulness technique in the presence of our resonant Hum. Combined, you can expect the end result to be one of calm and focus. Perfect for all ranges of ability; these have been designed to meet you without expectation.


  •      –   Our Asana Lab practices are time efficient; focusing on the energetics of physical postures and correct alignment. In the strive for safe and sustainable practices, we offer targeted tutorials on various asanas (postures) or transitions. In this class there is the potential to develop a deeper and more formal understanding of the poses for ongoing fluidity in your practice.


  •      –   Our Yoga Nidra offerings are guided meditations that quiet and soothe the active or overworked mind. Yoga Nidra is an offering that guides you between consciousness and sleep; this is a practice taken lying down. To be utilized when the nervous system requires it, or for those needing a helping hand with winding down for sleep. These practices aim to restore you physically and mentally.


  •      –   Individualized practices that cater to the expectant parent, or for the sensitive limitations of the new parenthood. Both our pre and post natal yoga offerings have been developed with tender guidance and prior experience. We offer practices that honour practitioners in a time of sensitive trepidation and self- inquiry.


“Our soundscape known as “The Hum” works to integrate your practice”

Our Hum was designed in collaboration with our Co- Founders and composer Mitch Allen from One Two Studios. The meticulous blending of 7.83hz and 40hz frequencies produce what is known as ‘The Hum’- a nod to the AUM mantra we vocalise in our yoga practices.

The frequency of 7.83hz or the Schumann Resonance, is our earth’s resonating frequency and responsible for a sense of grounding. The Gamma brainwave frequency used is a recording of singing bowls detuned to 40hz, and is reflective of the brain during peak performance.

This resonant duo promotes enhanced focus and meditative pause whilst practising. All of our spaces allow for complete immersion in this environment for ‘entrainment’ to occur- a process in which our own brain waves replicate these frequencies during prolonged and undisturbed exposure.

Our curated and functional soundscape supports moving with mindful awareness. The presence of the Hum during practice is a vital part of what makes our offerings singular in experience.