Welcome to Humming Puppy

A yoga experience evolved from traditional practices that resonates with a perfect hum. More than just the physical practice of yoga we support you throughout your practice and encourage you to leave the outside world behind and immerse yourself in good vibes.

We have a variety of classes that explore the many aspects of yoga via our On-Demand platform. This allows you to practice with us from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home. We also have physical spaces located in Melbourne, SydneyNew York where you can join our team for in person classes.

A variety of online classes to support your practice


Chill out & slow down with slow gentle movement

Mellow Hum is a super chilled class that include deep openings and gentle movement. Postures are typically seated or laying down and held for 3-5 minutes at a time. These are slow paced classes that allow space and time to cultivate awareness and reflection.

A perfect place for any student wanting to create a calm meditative state of mind.


Explore moderately paced flows and yoga techniques

These classes include moderate paced flows to entry-level strength content. These classes typically offer more modifications and detailed instructions on fundamental postures. Students can expect to feel comfortably challenged. We welcome beginners to more seasoned practitioners who prefer a steady paced practise.

If it’s your first time practising yoga, we suggest you try our Foundation Hum classes first.


Challenge your practice with strength building classes

Dynamic Hum includes flow and strength content designed to challenge your current limitations physically and mentally. These classes tend to focus on building into more challenging asana. You will build strength and body awareness by exploring more complex transitions and by having a play into inversions and arm balances.

These classes are catered to Intermediate-Advanced practitioners.

What kind of yoga is it?

While we don’t prescribe to a specific style of yoga, we base our teachings on the principles of breath-pranayama, movement-asana and awareness-meditation. These principles are the foundation of our classes in which we welcome those new to yoga through to the most experienced yogis.

Our teachers are always mindfully present for their students and aim to create a safe space for all students to explore their practice. 

                                         New to yoga?


Discover the foundations with detailed instruction

Our Foundation Hum classes are the perfect place for beginners to start their journey or for any student who wants to review the foundations of their practice. Classes will focus on guiding you through key asana (postures), alignment and pranayama (breath techniques) to have you feeling empowered to join our Unified Hum classes.

Dive Deeper Online

Yoga is a holistic practise and as such there are so many beautiful aspects to the practise that cannot possibly be shared in the space of a single class. Exclusively to online, we are able to offer more specialised yogic content we know you'll love.


Study the beauty & depth of Yoga with specialty classes and workshops 

    These shorter classes aim to provide you with an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the various elements of yoga and yoga philosophy. Each class will have a specific focus and provide you with a deeper understanding of how to incorporate the theme into your practice or your life.


    Cultivate stillness and clarity

    A guided meditation and mindfulness practise to cultivate stillness, mental clarity and peace. Each class will incorporate one meditation or mindfulness technique to increase concentration, self-awareness and reflection.

    Combined with the resonance of “the hum” which aids in supporting a meditative state of being, our meditation classes are designed to bring you back to the inner stillness that resides within you.


      Break down physical postures and discover your personal alignment

      Trying to nail that pose? Dive a little deeper into the energetics and physical alignments of a particular pose in Asana Lab. Each Lab will focus on a different pose and it will allow you to explore the specific pose in a more focused manner.


      Guided Meditations for deep rest

      Rest in a deep state of yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra.
      Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique whereby your consciousness is guided to the place between waking and sleeping. It is a powerful practise that helps to reduce stress and anxiety and is one of our favourite practises to achieve ultimate relaxation.


      Pre and Post natal Yoga offerings

      Special classes perfectly designed for pregnant or postpartum people who are looking for a safe and grounding practice.


      When taking a class at Humming Puppy, one of the first things you will notice is our signature 'hums'... and this is by no means an accident! We have created a bespoke sound scape that is made up of a combination of frequencies to enhance and deepen your experience. More specifically we use a 7.83hz and 40hz. Being submersed in these frequencies helps you to naturally produce matching frequencies through a process of entrainment. 7.83hz otherwise known as the Schumann Resonance is actually the frequency of the earth itself and helps to 'ground' you through your practice. 40hz is specifically associated with ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity, integral for achieving states of peak performance. Elite athletes, top-notch musicians and high achievers in all fields, typically produce far more gamma waves than average.  

      And whilst all of that sounds quite serious and complicated, on a much simpler level we believe the hum just feels good!

      Our Hum was created in collaboration with composer Mitch Allen from OneTwoStudios. Mitch and his team designed a natural hum sound from a recording of our own singing bowls that they later de-tuned to resonate at 40hz.