Welcome to Humming Puppy On Demand

As a space for pause and sanctuary, we provide a yoga experience that honours traditional yogic practices. Central to our philosophy we guide movement alongside a curated and resonant ‘Hum’. A frequency of our own design to deeply soothe, or to simply generate good vibes.

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Curating an experience

More than just the physical practice, our spaces offer a journey of sensations that contrast a fast- paced outside world. Be warmly received into our lounge area, sanctorius bathrooms and sacred shala; all an expressive nod to thoughtful and practical design. To receive our hospitality in person, our studio spaces reside in Melbourne, Sydney and New York.

Take the Hum home

The variety of classes on Humming Puppy On Demand, cover everyone from the beginner to the well-versed yogi. Alongside our regular class styles, we offer specialised practices and cater for both the traditional and the experimental. Humming Puppy On Demand allows for global participation. Yoga and guidance can now be accessed amongst home’s luxuries. 

Our Culture


We are a friendly & welcoming community who are passionate about sparking curiosity, conversation & connection through the practices of yoga. We are committed to creating safe spaces that are inclusive & respectful of a diverse community.


  • LOVE is our underlying frequency. We have a genuine love for people & are passionate about uniting humanity through the practices of yoga. 

  • COMMUNITY Our people (team and students) are at the core of what we do, we strive to learn new perspectives by listening to, learning from & educating our community. 

  • LEARNING We use physical practice to spark conversation, curiosity & connection to the body, mind & spirit. We aim to cultivate sacred space for diverse bodies through intentional movement & mindfulness. 

  • THE INDIVIDUAL JOURNEY We aim to give you space to explore through the various aspects of yoga & then journey back with a newfound sense of self-connection & appreciation for yourself & others. 

The Hum in Humming Puppy

Humming Puppy offers a revered space to practice and one that reverberates with a ‘Hum’ in place of music. A soundscape that combines both digital and organic sound frequencies; specifically 7.83hz and 40hz. By immersing yourself in these soundwaves during practice the brain naturally produces the same frequencies through the process of entrainment.

7.83hz is known as the Schumann Resonance and mimics the frequency of the earth itself, assisting in restoring the mind to a state of equilibrium. 40hz is specifically associated with ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity and integral for achieving states of peak performance.

Our Hum was designed in collaboration with our co-Founders and composer Mitch Allen from One Two Studios. To produce a sound that acquainted itself comfortably in our Shalas, a recording was made from playing our own singing bowls.

Whilst this has an ornate complexity to it; we believe the Hum provides a singular and joyful experience alongside all of our offerings.

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