Our Class Styles

From strength-building flows to restorative practices, we’ve taken time to create classes that align with abundant schedules, full lives and ever changing responsibilities.

Dynamic Hum

A strength based flow for experienced practitioners

The intention is to provide a high energy offering designed to ignite and strengthen the physical and subtle body. The instructor will lead students through playful sequencing that allows for enhanced focus, exploration of intricate postures and heat-building experiences.

Unified Hum

A moderate paced flow for every level of practitioner

The intention is to provide a balanced offering of effort and ease. The instructor will lead students through intelligent sequences that allow for self-exploration, moments of challenge and opportunities for restoration.

Mellow Hum

A slow paced class for every level of practitioner

The intention is to provide a low energy offering intended for relaxation, restoration and deep opening. The instructor will lead students through mindful movement, breathing and meditation that allow space for cultivating awareness and physiological support. Our Mellow Hum is a combination of gentle movement, Yin and restorative inspired postures which are typically seated or lying down.

Mini Hum

Movement snacks for busy schedules

We know it can be challenging to prioritise practice in a busy schedule. Our Mini Hums get to the point. Short & sweet, or fast & fiery, these classes under 20 mins in length are here for when you need a yoga snack.

Foundation Hum

A steady paced flow for the beginner practitioner

The intention is to provide a well-rounded offering that is both educational and exploratory. Offering detailed instruction, the instructor will lead students through rudimentary sequences that allow for curious movement within a supportive environment. Within our Foundation Hum you can expect posture breakdowns and explanations of accompanying movement

Yoga Nidra

Guided relaxations for deep rest

Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation technique whereby your consciousness is guided to the place between waking and sleeping. It is a powerful practise that helps to reduce stress and anxiety and is one of our favourite practises to achieve ultimate relaxation.

Meditation Hum

Cultivate stillness, clarity and peace

Meditation Hum is a guided meditation and mindfulness practise to cultivate stillness, mental clarity and peace. Each class will incorporate one meditation or mindfulness technique to increase concentration, self-awareness and reflection. Combined with the resonance of “the hum” which aids in supporting a meditative state of being, our meditation classes are designed to bring you back to the inner stillness that resides within you.


Workshops, courses and collections to educate and inspire

Our special edition Immersive Hum classes, workshops and collections provide students with an opportunity to delve deeper into an element of yoga. These collections offer space to explore the chosen theme and intentionally reflect on the topic at hand.

Deepen Your Hum

Explore the beauty and depth of yoga

Yoga is a holistic practise and as such there are so many beautiful aspects to the practise that cannot possibly be shared in the space of a single class. Our Deepen Your Hum classes aim to provide you with an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the various elements of yoga from pranayama to bhakti, asana labs to dharma talks.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Pre-natal yoga to support the journey to parenthood

These classes are designed to provide pregnant people with a safe space to connect with their changing bodies as well as other parents to be. Consult your midwife or doctor during your own journey and listen deeply to your inner wisdom to help guide you. If something doesn't feel right, don't go there.

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